GNTHCC Joins Delegation for South Dallas Employment Project in Texas Capitol

The Greater North Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce their participation in a delegation for the South Dallas Employment Project (SDEP) in the Texas Capitol. The SDEP, in partnership with the State Fair of Texas, aims to develop a holistic model that supports opportunity populations living in or returning to South Dallas in obtaining the skills, competencies, knowledge and capabilities to lead sustainable lives.

The SDEP brings together businesses, government, educational institutions, workforce agencies, and nonprofit social enterprises to align and integrate resources focused on engaging employers from different industry sectors that have the largest unmet, non-duplicated job demand in Dallas, that also provide a living wage and career opportunities. The GNTHCC is honored to join this delegation and support the SDEP’s efforts to provide living wage employment, career training and preparedness, safe housing, transportation, healthcare, wellness and recovery, digital access and literacy, community reintegration and legal aid for low-income populations in South Dallas.

“The GNTHCC is committed to supporting the Hispanic community and we recognize the importance of addressing the needs of opportunity populations in South Dallas. We are excited to join the SDEP delegation and work towards creating a sustainable and equitable future for all residents of South Dallas,” said GNTHCC Director, Gilberto Atayde.

The SDEP has identified eight specific “Strategic Objectives”, and has established “Critical Achievements” for each strategic objective, as well as the strategies and tactics for each CA. The GNTHCC looks forward to working with the SDEP to achieve these objectives and improve the lives of South Dallas residents.

For more information about the South Dallas Employment Project, visit their website at

Author: GNTHCC