GNTHCC Foundation

GNTHCC 501(c)(3) Foundation Mission

The GNTHCC Foundation’s mission is to empower and uplift the Hispanic community by fostering economic growth through the provision of grants, scholarships, certifications, and leadership development programs. We strive to create a thriving and inclusive business environment where Hispanic entrepreneurs and professionals can succeed, contribute to their communities, and reach their full potential.

Unlocking Your Business's Potential: Join the ¡Adelante! Pitch Competition Today

Elevate Your Business Through Valuable Feedback, Networking, and Funding Opportunities

Calling all GNTHCC Members! Are you ready to take center stage in an electrifying pitch competition that can revolutionize your business? Don’t let this opportunity to unleash the potential of “¡Adelante!” slip away.

Here’s what awaits you:

Showcase Your Pitch: Unveil your groundbreaking business concept or venture to a distinguished panel of venture capitalists, seasoned entrepreneurs, and industry maestros. Gain invaluable insights and feedback to propel your business to the next level.

Expand Your Network: Connect with a dynamic community of kindred spirits in the entrepreneurial realm. Forge robust relationships, opening doors to potential collaborations that can ignite your business’s growth and success.

Tap into Supportive Resources: Dive into interactions with organizations that provide essential support, mentorship, and tailor-made resources catering to your business demands. Uncover priceless prospects for partnerships and access expert counsel to navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

check, correct, mark-40319.jpgAttract Venture Capital: Seize the attention of venture capitalists actively seeking pioneering investment prospects. 

check, correct, mark-40319.jpgInnovative Business Growth: Through participation in our pitch competition, entrepreneurs experience significant business growth. Valuable feedback and insights from a panel of experts help them refine their ideas and strategies, allowing their ventures to thrive.

check, correct, mark-40319.jpgRobust Networking Opportunities: Entrepreneurs who engage in the competition build a dynamic network of like-minded peers, experienced mentors, and potential collaborators. These connections endure beyond the competition, contributing to long-term success and ongoing support for their ventures. 

check, correct, mark-40319.jpgAccess to Capital: Attracting the attention of venture capitalists and securing potential funding is a direct outcome of our pitch competition. Entrepreneurs walk away with the financial resources needed to bring their business ideas to life. 

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Join Us in Making a Difference: Embrace Volunteer Opportunities at

At G.N.T.H.C.C., we take immense pride in cultivating an environment that nourishes the potential of every individual. We believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and shared visions. As a tightly-knit community, we understand that it takes the collective effort of passionate individuals like you to bring about positive change.

Our organization is committed to empowering the Hispanic community, and volunteering with us presents an excellent opportunity for you to give back and enrich the lives of those around you. By joining our volunteer programs, you can actively participate in a wide range of activities that make a tangible difference.